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Having trouble with the PvP aspect in World of Warcraft? Can't seem to kill anyone and you end up kissing the dirt at every enemy encounter? Don't have enough honor to buy your PvP gear? If so, you came to the right place. You are about to discover the best strategies and the most well kept secrets of the best players in WoW. Our team has put to the test and analyzed all the aspects of every WoW PvP Guide out there and we came with three winners.

PvP Bible - The Best WoW PvP Guide Ever

PvP Bible - WoW PvP Guide Rank: #1 (10/10)
Price: $37
PvP Bible

This WoW PvP guide was created by T.S. Sanders, a former World of Warcraft beta player, one of the top PvPers and arena players. He has been playing World of Warcraft for more than 4 years and managed to amass around 100.000 Honorable Kills.

PvP Bible is a WoW PvP Guide created to improve the PvP gameplay for any kind of player, beginner or veteran. It reveals all the aspects of PvP, from basics to the most advanced techniques, all fully updated to reflect the WotLK PvP changes. Has 81 duel strategies that assure you to be victorious, 50 arena strategies for different team setups and gives detailed information about the best specs for each class for battlegrounds and arena. Outlines multiple strategies for each of the five battlegrounds describing the goals of each class in PvP. Also gives additional information about which macros and addons are the best to use in order to have the maximum potiential of your character. The data contained in the guide is very concise, you wont find any off topic information or fillers. Basically, everything you will ever need to be efficient in PvP and to make a name for yourself you can find in this Outstanding WoW PvP Guide. PvP Bible is fully updated to WotLK and comes along with 60 days money back guarantee and free lifetime updates.

Discover How to Dominate the Battlefield!

Warcraft Honor - WoW PvP Guide

Warcraft Honor - WoW PvP Guide Rank: #2 (9.5/10)
Price: $47
Warcraft Honor

This World of Warcraft PvP guide was put together by a top PvP player who wants to remain anonymous. He registers high arena rating in all 3 brackets and he created his guide to help all the other players to take their PvP to new limits.

Warcraft Honor is a WoW PvP Guide written as a pdf eBook. It contains honor farming strategies for every battleground, revealing 5 most important principles that any PvPer needs to know in order to get the maximum honor possible. Also contains details about the equipment a player should use for PvP and the PvE factions and instances that have PvP reward items. Shows tricks to maximize the amount of killings for any battleground as well as tricks to make your team (or realm) dominate the battle. Has information about the best time to play each battleground in order to be a lot more efficient in getting maximum honor and also holds outdoor PvP content. The guide comes with free updates and a 60 days money back guarantee.

Spugnort's Ultimate WoW PvP Guide

Spugnort's Ultimate WoW PvP Guide Rank: #3 (9/10)
Price: $29.95
Spugnort's Ultimate WoW PvP Guide

This guide was created by the experienced players from Spugnort. The Spugnort team is well known in the World of Warcraft community for their guides that cover every aspect of the game.

Spugnort's Ultimate WoW PvP Guide reveals advanced strategies for dominating every battleground. It is a comprehensive guide for all kinds of players and covers all the World of Warcraft PvP aspects. Has step-by-step explanations for playing your class versus all the other classes, details for preventive tactics and countermeasures that you need to use to win any fight. Poitns out the strengths and weaknesses of any class for each spec, as well as the group setup weaknesses. Contains the best arena strategies and setups for any of the 3 brackets. Also has details about the best specs to use for in PvP for all classes. The guide has free updates for life and a 30 days money back guarantee.

We Strongly Recommend PvP Bible