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LOTRO Leveling Guide
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Volume III: Allies of the King, Book 2: The Ride of the Grey Company

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I decided to make this LOTRO Leveling Guide because there are so many LOTRO players who are tired of grinding levels and they keep asking in chat "Where is my quest mob?", "How can I finish this quest?" or "Where can I find the best quests for my level?"
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I am going to share with you the same questing patterns, leveling strategies, techniques and secrets I have used to level 1-60 in 5 days 21 hours and 30 minutes. Leveling from 60 to 65 it takes no longer than 2 days if you follow my guidance.
This is a step-by-step LOTRO Leveling Guide, fully illustrated with detailed maps, with every quest linked to "mmodb". Each and every step is marked on the maps, so you really don't need to use the links very often.

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Links to "mmodb" for easy references on how to do the quests
Information suitable for any class and race
Helpful tips for all players, from beginners to veterans
10 years of expertise in online gaming directly from a pro-gamer

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LOTRO Leveling Guide - Level 1-60 in less than 6 days!
LOTRO Leveling Guide - Level 1-60 in less than 6 days!

I managed to ding level 60 in 5 days 21 hours 30 minutes, using the strategies exposed in my LOTRO Leveling Guide.

This is a REAL LOTRO LEVELING GUIDE not some copy-paste from official site, forums or other guides.
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