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We decided to make this Aion Kinah Guide Review for the best Kinah making guides we could find, to help all the fellow players act wisely when they choose the best Aion Kinah Guide. There are not many Kinah making guides and most of them are just compiling general information available for free on the Internet. But, there are a few Aion Online guides that really catch our attention. After detailed tests we are confident to present you the top Aion Kinah Guides.

Aion Wealth - The Best Aion Kinah Guide

Aion Wealth - Aion Kinah Guide Rank: #1 (10/10)
Price: $37.00
Aion Wealth

The author of this Aion Kinah Guide is Ryan Williams, a distinguished player of Aion Online. To build his guide he performed a rigorous research on the supply and demand of the Aion economy, and he decided to share the fruits of his laborious work with all the players in need for decent Kinah.

Aion Wealth is an excellent Aion Kinah Guide. It provides consistent information on all Kinah making methods in Aion: Tower of Eternity. It shows the best spots for gathering in Elysia or Asmodae and also the best grinding spots for about anything on high demand on the Aion market. It teaches how to choose and use professions wisely to make huge profits. Also, this Aion Kinah guide reveals a few great trading tactics that can be applied even with low level characters to make decent Kinah for a nice and smooth progress. Last but not least, this efficient Aion Kinah guide will show you how to manage your private store, where to set it up, when to sell and how to buy back to maximize your profits.
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Aion Wealth comes with free updates for life and a 60 days money-back guarantee.

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Kozen's Aion Online Mastery Guide

Kozen Aion Kinah Guide Rank: #2 (10/10)
Price: $37.00
Kozen Guide

Kozen's Aion Online Mastery Guide is a package of guides that cover each and every aspect of the game: character advancement for each faction, crafting and gathering, fighting in Abyss and Kinah making strategies.

Even if it is not a stand alone Aion Kinah Guide, we found it very usefull and if we take in consideration all the guides that comes with the package, it is a bargain to have it at this price. You will learn the basic rules of the game economy, how to use the Trade Broker to make huge amount of Kinah, how to make Kinah while questing and how to successfully set up a private store and actually sell your items.
The guides are in PDF format with free lifetime updates and a 60 days money-back guarantee.

We Strongly Recommend Aion Wealth - The Best Aion Kinah Guide